Footnanny Gift Set Diabetic

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Story...My mother was a Diabetic and it was necessary for her feet to get soaked and massaged on a regular basis in order to maintain great circulation.  I created this set to add a bit of comfort to Consumers whom are in need of In Home Foot Care.  Feel Safe....Love Gloria

Footnanny Diabetic Care Kit was created for the Diabetic Customer whom take care of their feet at home.  Diabetics experience dry feet, cracked heels and poor circulation in their legs, ankles and feet.   Well Footnanny has paired products that will make the shopping experience easier for our Diabetics.  Footnanny just wanted to add some natural product stimulation to your knees, legs, ankles and feet.



Key Ingredients in Cream: Seed Butter Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf, Parki Butter, Chamomile Flower Extract, Citrulline Cream, Lavender/Eucalyptus/Lemon Essential Oil Blends.

Key Ingredients in Salts:  Himalayan Salts, Foaming Salts, Lavender/Eucalyptus/Lemon Essential Oils.  

*Please follow your doctor's recommendations connected to your medical foot care.  This product is only for spa relaxation and moisturizing purposes.

This Set Includes:

1 Footnanny Diabetic Foot Cream 8oz jar

1 Footnanny Diabetic Soaking Salts 8oz jar

2 Pair of Elastic Free Organic,  

1 RESCUE Buffer (colors will vary)

This Item arrives in a Footnanny Kit Box

*Diabetics and Pregnant Customers prefer Elastic Free Organic Cotton Socks because they do not restrict blood flow around ankles.