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Oprah's Favorite 2014

$ 144

Footnanny Trio Gift Set was chosen Oprah's Favorite 2014!  The set includes 1 Footnanny Peppermint Foot Cream 8oz., 1 Footnanny Lavender Foot Cream 8oz., 1 Footnanny Tea Tree Foot Cream 8oz., 1 Pair of Fuzzy Gray Socks and 1 Pair of Footnanny Cotton Ankle Socks.  This set arrives in a Clear Plastic Zip White Trimmed Tote Bag.  

Apply a generous amout of Footnanny Foot Cream to both feet, slide on Footnanny Cotton or Fuzzy Socks for at least 30 minutes (for added moisturizing, leave socks on for at least 2 to 3 hours).   Your feet will feel softer and refreshing!

Great Holiday Gift Set!

Slow down and take care of your the footnanny

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