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New Footnanny HOME Linen Extreme UNISEX

$ 125

Story: Growing up, one of my household chores was to hang clothes outside on the closeline.  My mother was extremely particular about the sheets hanging neatly so that the neighbors would be impressed with her care for neatness and freshness.  Thank you Momma for the lesson well learned:)...your daughter Gloria...

Try our new Fresh Linen Extreme Gift Set!  Footnanny has expanded to a bath and body line of products so that you can treat your entire body to a spa experience in your shower.  This Extreme Linen Set includes 8oz. Hand/Body Lotion, 8 oz. Shower Gel, 8 oz. Hand Soap,  8oz. Footnanny Linen Foot Cream, 3 Pair Socks of your choice and One RESCUE buffer.  Clean White Soap Fragance similar to Clean Fresh Sheets.  NO MAGAZINE INCLUDED


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