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NEW Footnanny MINT Foot Cream

$ 48

Enjoy the Aroma of Spearmint in this NEW Footnanny foot cream that is filled with refreshment!  Shea Butter, Spearmint Essential Oil,  Cocoa Butter, Soy and Moisturizing properties.   There are different levels of mint and this is one of the best!  The Aroma is a light and Refreshing Spearmint .  This Cream is Whipped light and is a Unisex Product.  

Story... My Mother loved her church mints and sometimes she would have a few green striped ones mixed in with the red/white mints.  She would hand them out to me and my brothers to give us a bit of a wakeup in church?...Love Gloria

Directions:  Apply to your feet twice per day or as needed. 

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