Mother's Day Frenzy Shopping! Every Gift Set or Kit receives 2 Pair Bonus Fuzzy Socks and FREE PRIORITY 1 to 3 DAY Shipping! Every Footnanny MAN jar purchase receives One Pair Gray Cotton Socks and One Men's Black Tote Bag!


Footnanny has an OVERSTOCK of Freebies!  The Freebie items are from other brands, as well as footnanny brand.  The select items were involved in Footnanny Swag Bags and Bonus Online Gift with Purchase Items on the website.   There is only 1 box per order and 3 Items per Freebie Pamper Box handpicked by the "Footnanny" Gloria L. Williams.  This order cannot be combined with any other footnanny purchase.  $5.00 Shipping at Checkout.

 Footnanny is "Wellness Beyond A Pedicure"!  Enjoy Your Freebies!

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