Cleanse Soaking Salts

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Story...Sunday was taken very serious at my household.  My mother was very involved with Church and no matter what happened that week everyone had to be in Church on Sunday Morning.  May you feel the Spirit of my Mother's Love for Church in this Gloria

Footnanny Cleanse Soaking Salts are made of Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Marjoram Leaves, Hyssop Herb, Anise Powder, Ground Cumin, Savory Leaf, Tarragon Leaf, Cassia and Cucumber Essential Oil.  

Directions:  Soak your Feet OR Entire Body in the CLEANSE Soaking Salts for 30 minutes and allow the healing effects of this amazing blend to sooth your inner and outer soles/souls.

8oz Size Jar

Paraben Free and No Animal Testing.  Leaping Bunny Approved.  

Part #3 of the Spiritual Trio Collection