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Footnanny Diabetic Care Trio!

$ 145

Footnanny Diabetic Trio was created for the Diabetic Customer whom take care of their feet at home.

This Set Includes: 1 Footnanny Basin, 10 Basin Liners, 1 Footnanny Foot Cream 8oz. Jar of your choice, 1 Pair of Elastic Free Organic Cotton Socks Fits Size 9 to 11,  1 Foot Buffer and 1/2 lb of Footnanny Salts!

Story...My mother was a Diabetic and it was necessary for her feet to get soaked and massaged on a regular basis in order to maintain great circulation.  I created this set to add a bit of comfort to Consumers whom are in need of In Home Foot Care.  Feel Safe....Love Gloria

*Salts are scented with Essential Oils of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme and Lemon.

*Diabetics and Pregnant Customers prefer Elastic Free Organic Cotton Socks because they do not restrict blood flow around ankles.


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1 Pair of Organic Elastic Free Socks

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