Footnanny 1-2-3 Kit 8oz Jars with MILK SALTS

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  • $ 50.00

Footnanny 1-2-3 Steps To Smoothness Kit is the Key to eliminating Dry Feet and Cracked Heels.  Footnanny combined the Top Sellers that will guarantee soft feet in just 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1  Dry Buff Feet with Footnanny RESCUE Buffer

Step 2  Soak and Cleanse Feet for 10 minutes in Footnanny Milk Salts

Step 3 Dry both feet off, apply foot cream, slip on Footnanny Cotton Socks for at least 20 minutes to allow cream to absorb into skin. Remove Socks and enjoy your feet! 

*For Best Results use cream nightly before bed.  

Enjoy your "Wellness Beyond A Pedicure"!

This kit contains

 One Footnanny RESCUE Buffer

One 8oz Foot Cream

One 8oz Milk Soaking Salts

Two Pair Footnanny 100% Cotton Ankle Socks.