CUSTOM Vegan Salts Pound 3 lb Bag

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Story...My Dad worked in a factory for over 20 years and stood on his feet all day!  My Mom would take care of his feet twice a Month in order to keep my Dad's Feet feeling great!  Happy Husband....Happy Wife.... Happy Kids....Footnanny 

Footnanny Customers you have given us amazing #FeetBack and we heard you!  Not only do you use the Footnanny Soaking Salts to soak your feet, you also use them to soak your Body!  Our CEO uses them to soak her body too and loves them so much that she has added a CUSTOM line of salts for you to order by the pound!   Each Bag is custom made personally by the Footnanny with tender love and care.  

Footnanny VEGAN Soaking Greens are packed with Green Protein that will relax your feet and sooth your soles.  Enjoy the blend of Astragalus Root, Pink Himalayan Salt, French Sea Salt, Avocado Root and Ginger Root Salts arrive in Kraft zip bag.  Soothing and Relaxing....

3 lb bag of salts. 

Soak your feet or your Entire Body! Unscented