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Footnanny Daisy Foot Cream

$ 55

Footnanny Daisy Foot Cream has the aroma of a Field of Gerber Daisies on a fresh spring day!  

The Fragrance Oil of Daisy is known to cause skin LIGHTENING which is great for dark spots and marks on your skin.  

Daisy helps decrease swelling and inflammation.  Daisy is the flower of love and beauty!  If you love the aroma of Daisy, this is the foot cream for you!

Apply to your feet twice a day.


Story:  For years I believed the yellow flowers that grew all over our lawn were Daisies. Well my father told me, at the age of 15, that the flowers were really dandelions:(  What a spoiler, but in my eyes they will always be happy daisies.... Love thy flower:)

*This product contains Fragrant Oil, which means it is a combination of Alcohol and Essential Oil.

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