Footnanny Door To Door Sales Kit

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Welcome to Footnanny! 


Become an Footnanny Independent Sales Rep! You will now be able to retail select Footnanny Products via our Mobile App to your friends, family and neighbors!  Your Commission is earned daily and be paid weekly!  It's Time To Start Your Very Own Business!

Here is how easy it works!

1.  Order your Footnanny Door To Door Sales Kit!

2.  Footnanny will then electronically email you a 1099 to fill out and return (Independent Contractor). 

3.  Receive your kit of Footnanny Tester Products.

4. You or your customer can Download the Footnanny App and Begin Ordering their Products!

5.  Make sure you or your Customer add YOUR DISCOUNT CODE that gives them 5% off and this also sends FOOTNANNY notification of your sales to our commission platform.  *Sales Reps are paid 30% commission of the full retail price of the product.

6.  Download the CASHApp from the App Store and sign up to so that we can send your commission payments every Friday before 5pm Pacific Time.

Take your Footnanny Sales Kit everywhere you go so that you continue to grow your sales.  We will send you monthly motivating sales promotions to keep you motivated to spread the Footnanny Wellness Love!

Simple as that!

This kit includes:  

Six Footnanny Top Sellers 2oz size

One Footnanny Bonus Product

Footnanny Brand Information Cards

Thank you for sharing Footnanny with your Friends, Family and Neighbors!