Footnanny EXTENDER File Bundle

  • $ 55.00

Story...One day I was working in the Footnanny Warehouse and had a bad fall.  I hurt my lower back which prevented me from being able to bend over to buff my feet smooth at night.  So this is why Footnanny EXTENDER Foot File Handle was created...enjoy it like I do! I also planted a tree in honor of my mom Doris:)  Gloria L. Williams, Footnanny CEO

Footnanny has created the #Worldslongestfootfile 2 Feet Long and perfect people who can't reach their feet due to a bad back or bending restrictions.  
The Extender File is retailed only @ as a set that includes... One Footnanny Extender File, 10 Replacement Foot Abrasive Pads AND BONUS ITEMS....One Footnanny 2oz Unscented Foot Cream and One Pair of Footnanny 100% White Cotton Socks. You will also receive Emailed Certificate directly from @onetreeplanted and A Tree Planted in your name by Footnanny! The BUNDLE retails for $75 and is Hand Made in USA. 🌿👣

*This is the perfect Foot File for someone who has problems bending over to buff their heels and bottoms of their dry feet!