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Footnanny Jasmine Foot Cream

$ 55

Footnanny Jasmine Foot Cream has the essential oil aroma of a Field Jasmines Flowers.  This is the Second in Footnanny's Floral Collection.  

Jasmine has a strong yet sweet, pleasing and ROMANTIC fragrance, which is very common with flowers that only bloom at night.  

The most common essential oil benefits of Jasmine are: Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac (Romance), Cicatrisant (removes marks), Sleep Aid, Hydrates Skin, Relaxes Mood.  This scent is for the true Jasmine or Floral  Lovers.  


Story:  My neighbor grew Jasmine in her garden and at night the aroma would breeze through my bedroom window. It was an aroma that I will never forget.  Love thy neighbor




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