Footnanny Toe Poppers w/Bonus items

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Footnanny NEW Toe Poppers!  Give your toes the ultimate STRETCH and POP! This is the perfect product for the person that suffers from cramped toes, poor circulation or sore bunions.  You can use them as a treatment or as toe seperators for your next professional pedicure.  Each pair of Toe Poppers come with One 2oz  Footnanny Unscented Foot Cream and One Pair Footnanny Cotton Socks size 9 to 13.

Treatment:  Massage your feet and toes with Footnanny Unscented Foot Cream.  As you massage be sure to pay special attention to your toes by massaging and pulling your toes.  If your toes pop as you pull then you are pulling too hard. (let the toe poppers do the work).  Slide on your Gel Toe Poppers and leave on for 20 minutes. Please give your toes an exercise by wiggling them throughout the process.   Remove the Gel Toe Poppers, Wiggle your toes for 30 seconds and slide on your Footnanny Cotton Socks.  your feet will love you.  Feel free to do this daily or as needed.   Enjoy your  Footnanny Toe Poppers!!