Footnanny Toenail Analysis Kit

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Toenails Clippings are an excellent and healthy way to discover your body's Trace Mineral and Vitamin levels.  Footnanny Toenail Analysis Kit is designed to be the bridge to your personal mineral knowledge.  Footnanny has partnered with a Mineral Testing Lab to assure accurate testing results.  Kit includes: Analysis Tools and Supplies, Analysis Application, Postage Paid Envelope, Footnanny Unscented Foot Cream 2oz., Footnanny Cotton Treatment Socks and Clear Zip Tote Bag.  Footnanny Pamper Box Ships Separate.

1. Purchase your Footnanny Toenail Analysis Kit.

2. Follow the Preparation Instructions.

3. Mail in your Samples.

4. Enjoy Footnanny products for soothing your Toes and Feet.

5. Receive Your Results. (Allow 10 to 15 business days)

* Footnanny ships your bonus Pamper Box with Analysis Kit!

Safe, Easy, Natural and Knowledgeable!