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Castor Citrus Foot Cream New!

$ 55

Footnanny Castor Citrus Foot Cream is loaded with Essential Oil Vitamin C and Pure Castor Oil Protein.   Castor Oil is one of the most widely used plant extracts in the world. The plant hails from the warm regions of India, and now grows in most Mediterranean and tropical zones.   This blend is of Castor and Vitamin C was also a widely used old fashioned remedy for cleansing impurities from the body.  Castor Oil is known to reduce swelling and soothes dry skin, as well as softens callous.

Night Treatment:  After your shower or bubble bath, Moisturize your feet with this blend and rub all the way up to your knees for a more intense treatment.  If you want to increase your treatment level, put on a pair of Footnanny 100% Cotton Socks for 30 minutes, remove and go to sleep:)   Apply once per day or as needed.  

Story....When I was a little girl my Mother strongly believed in blending a warm teaspoon of Castor Oil with a slice of Orange.  She would make us take a teaspoon of this Old Fashioned Concoction in hopes a a natural detox:)  Well I can truly say it worked and I am truly grateful for the Old Fashioned Remedies that my Mom and Ancestors passed down to Gloria 


**Keep in mind some pregnant women are sensitive to Aromas so we recommend Unscented or Footnanny Mommy Lite Line. 

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