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NEW Footnanny Shea Butter Cocoa Whip Foot Cream

$ 55

Footnanny has added a NEW foot cream that is packed with Shea Butter, Pure Shea Oil, Cocoa Butter and Moisturizing properties.  There are some feet that need a bit more oil than others and this is one we recommend!  The Aroma is a light Shea Butter Cocoa scent.  This Cream is Whipped light and is a Unisex Product.  

Story... My Mother loved oiling our legs for church and sometimes she would use the butter right out of our refrigerator!  Well to some this may be strange, but my Mother loved to mix and she was from Alabama... need I say more? No:)...Love Gloria

Directions:  Apply to your feet twice per day or as needed.  This product is oiler due to the fact we added Pure Shea Oil.  

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