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Footnanny has designed a Treatment Set to help you take care of your feet at home or go with you to your next Pedicure Appointment.  This set includes:

One 8oz NEW Footnanny SHEA BUTTER COCOA WHIP Foot Cream, One 8oz Rosemary Soaking Salt, One Mini 2oz Foot Cream, One Pair of Footnanny 100% Cotton Socks, One assorted color foot buffer and a Hemp Trimmed Zipper Tote bag.    It's time to buff that tough skin away and moisturize your feet!  

Directions:  Soak your feet in Footnanny Soaking Salts for 20 to 30 minutes, Buff bottoms of wet feet with Foot Buffer, Dry feet with towel, apply Footnanny Foot Cream and slide on Footnanny 100% Cotton Socks for at least 30 minutes to help deep moisturize your feet night or day.  Apply your foot cream day and night for the best results.  

Pedicure Lovers, take your Footnanny kit to your next Pedicure and ask that your products be used during your service.

*It is great to give your feet an at home soak twice per month or get 2 Pedicures per month.  

I love soaking my feet weekly:)  Gloria L. Williams, Footnanny CEO

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