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Footnanny RESCUE Dry Buffer

$ 15

Story......Sometimes I would see my Father use an Old Fashioned Dry Scrub Brush on My Mother's feet at night before he would soak them in Salt Water.  Now I know just why he did that for her:)....thank you your daughter Gloria

Footnanny to the RESCUE!  The fastest and easiest way to remove dry and calloused skin off the bottoms of your feet and targeted areas (Corns) is with RESCUE Dry Buffer.  RESCUE Dry Buffer Smooths ...Dry Skin,Callouses, Cracked Heels, Peeling Skin and Corns.  

3 easy steps...Step 1 RESCUE Dry Buff both feet Step 2 Rinse or Soak Feet  Step 3 Apply Footnanny Foot Cream or Foot Balm to both feet....Ahhh Soothing Moment

*You can rinse foot dust off buffer as needed. Buy a different color for each family to avoid buffer mixup.

Size 4x3x1   50 to 100 uses each buffer, depending on size of foot and usage.


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