Grandma Banana Cream

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Story...My Grandmother Mary had the best Banana Pudding Recipe in Alabama and of course she passed it down to Smy Mother Doris... I know everyone's Grandma had that special secret recipe and share a special memory...  Thank you Grandma Mary.

Footnanny loves all Grandmas and know that they are really special.  This is why we added a product that has the AROMA and healing properties of Banana. 

The soothing, anti-inflammatory nature of banana oil has made it a popular massage oil in certain parts of the world.  While the strong banana aroma may be sweet at first, the undeniable soothing effect that this oil can have on your skin and aching muscles makes it worth smelling a bit fruity for the rest of the day or night.  

Being rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidant compounds, this oil can provide a major boost to the immune system.  First and foremost, it can protect the skin from airborne pathogens and infections, but it is also absorbed through the skin and can help your internal systems defend against infectious bacteria and viruses as well.

8oz Jar

*Paraben and Cruelty Free