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Oprah Magazine 2016 Gift Set

$ 132

Story...Me and my mother planted a beautiful Rose Bush in our front yard.  Well my dad got home from work and was not happy about the positioning of the Rose Bush so he tried to chop it down.  ..Spring rolled around and my mother cried tears of Joy because her chopped Rose Bush Bloomed!  My Father never touched her Roses again...Love Gloria

Enjoy the LUXURY of Rose Essential Oils on your feet, ankles, legs and knees.  Rose essential oil is one of the most exspensive and rare oils in the essential family.  The floral scent of Rose is known to sooth your soul and lift your spirit. Lime is known to be refreshing and cleansing.  

Directions:  Soak both feet in Rose/Lime Soaking Salts for 20 to 30 minutes.  Rub Footnanny Rose Foot Cream on your feet during the day or night to enjoy the fresh scent of English Country Rose.  This scent is also great for the hands too. 

This Gift Set includes 1 Footnanny Rose Aroma Foot Cream 8oz., 1 Footnanny Rose and Lime Aroma Foot Soaking Salts blend of Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salts , 1 RESCUE Buffer and Foaming Seas Salts 8oz.,1 Pair Fuzzy Socks, 2 Pair Cotton Ankle Socks. This Gift Set Arrives in a Clear Hemp Zip Tote Bag (SOCKS FIT SIZES 9 TO 13)  CHOOSE BONUS FUZZY SOCKS FROM DROPDOWN BOX.

**Keep in mind some pregnant women are sensitive to Aromas so we recommend Unscented or Footnanny Mommy Lite Line. 

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