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1. Why do I need to use the RESCUE buffer on Dry Feet?

The RESCUE buffer is designed to Smooth off the toughest layers of your feet with a DRY to DRY concept. Footnanny CEO has been a licensed Nail Technician for over 25 years and has used the DRY to DRY technique on some of her most challenging client’s feet. IT Works!

2. How do I choose which foot cream works best for my feet?

We suggest you start with your Favorite Aroma of Foot Cream and then from there we suggest purchasing RESCUE Dry Buffer. If you feel you need more aggressive moisturizing, the purchase of Footnanny BALM is highly recommended. Footnanny BALM is the moisturizing CENTER of the Footnanny BRAND.

3. What is a footscription?

A footscription is the Visual Foot Chart that matches images of problem feet to the actual image of your feet. Across from these images are the products and treatments recommended by Footnanny CEO that will help you achieve success with your footcare goals.

4. What makes soaking your feet in Footnanny Salts so great?

It is a fact that soaking your feet in water can soften the skin/callous. Add Footnanny POWER soaking salt CORE blend of Himalayan, Dead Sea Salts and Epsom Salts will soften 2 to 4 layers of callous which allows for easy removal of callous during a Pedicure or at home care.

5. How do I use Footnanny Foot Cream?

You should apply your foot cream in the morning after your shower/bath and at night before going to bed. Daytime applying of foot cream helps keep your feet refreshly moisturized throughout the day and at night it allows the product to moisturize your feet while you sleep.

6. When should I use a foot balm instead of a cream or can I use both?

If you feel that you are not getting the best moisturizing for your feet, we recommend you add Footnanny BALM to your foot collection. The BALM is the highest level of moisturizing and healing dry/cracked heels and feet. You can use both by applying your foot BALM at night and your foot cream during the day.

7. Where is Footnanny Headquarters located?

Footnanny Headquarters is located at 8383 Wilshire Blv, #84, Beverly Hills CA, 90211. We also have 24 hour operators that answer calls and send your messages directly to Footnanny Corporate Office via email. Call the Operators at (888)698-4785.

8. Can I get Footnanny SWAG for my next Party?

Yes! You can purchase a Footnanny Party Box for your next Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Bridal Shower, Bachler Party, Holiday Party, etc. We have variety of Party Boxes for you to choose from at Footnanny.com or contact your Footnanny Consultant for a more personal experience. www.footnanny.com or call Customer Service (888)698-4785.

9. Can I reorder product without my Footnanny Consultant?

Yes you can with your Footnanny Consultants shopping link, but your Footnanny Consultant is always there to help make things easier for you to order by personally handling everything for you.

10. Are Footnanny Products made in USA?

Yes Footnanny Products are made in Gardena, CA.


Due to California Tax Law, Everyone must fill out a W9 and will receive a 1099 yearly.  This form must be filled out prior to first Footnanny Commission Payment.  You will receive a form after your Welcome Letter from Footnanny Corporate.

Footnanny Consultants are paid a commission of 25% of every product sold on there  Footnanny Page.  If a 10% discount code is used for the purchase, commission payment will be applied  25% of that  discounted purchase price.  This commission can be released 24 hours after an approved Footnanny purchase and these payments may have fees applied based on the payment link provided by Consultant.  Approved purchase is an online purchase that has cleared the shopping cart and the shipment has been placed in que with notification of shipping to the customer (which is ususually within 24 hours of purchase.  If a customer uses an ECheck to purchase there is a 3 day hold via Paypal on clearing the ECheck.   Weekly Commission Payouts will be released every Tuesday after 5pm Pacific Time

If a customer returns or cancels an order within the first 7 days of a purchase,( which is the product return deadline)… If Refund Payment is issued to customer, Footnanny Consultant will receive a 25% credit against their account of the refund amount.  Each Consultant is allowed 2 product EXCHANGES per month and it won’t count against your account.  We do understand at Footnanny that customers can make mistakes and change their mind.  We want to treat our customers with the best Customer Service Experience via in person and online.  We also respect and appreciate our Footnanny Team for all their Sales efforts. 

Every Footnanny Consultant will have access to their Report Portal via the Footnanny Consultant Page.  If you have any trouble with reports etc., send an email to Footnanny@footnanny.com and we will try and solve your problem within the first 15 minutes of your email or telephone call, if a call is necessary.

All Footnanny Consultants must link their own bank accounts or debit cards to their Footnanny Page in order to receive Commission  payouts. 99% of Commission Payouts are made via Footnanny Affiliate  Portal.  In some cases a check from Corporate can be sent to Footnanny Consultant on every Tuesday.    If the customer paid by check, that commission payout will be mailed to Footnanny Consultant the date of check clears and an email will be sent to the consultant.

*Whenever an order is placed by Footnanny Consultants, it must be done via Affiliate Vendor Shopping Portal or the Customer can mail a check and write Footnanny Consultant’s Name on the CHECK MEMO LINE.  Please allow 3 to 5 days for check to clear before order is shipped to customer.  Email notification will be sent but if customer does not desire to use email, Footnanny Consultant will be notified via email to give the customer a telephone call. 


At Footnanny our CEO believes in Wellness and Giving Wisely.  We hope you enjoy the Bonus and Prize levels designed for Footnanny Consultants to enjoy their Wellness Journey.

Free Products

Footnanny Consultants will be allowed to receive one product ($48 value) of their choice per month at no charge as long as they maintain at least $100 per month in sales.  The bonus products allow the consultant to build their sample colletions for customers to try prior to purchase.  They can also be for the consultant to enjoy the experience of Footnanny.

Free Movie Passes

Footnanny Consultants will have opportunities to win AMC Movie Passes via Social Media Platforms.  There will be surprise winners throughout the year and winners will be posted on Footnanny Social Media Platforms. 

Wellness Weekend at Bed & Breakfast

Gift cards will be issued quarterly to Footnanny Consultants who completes a sales level of  $1000 or more in sales of Footnanny.  10% of total sales made will be issued to Consultants via emailed Gift Card from Bedandbreakfast.com. 

Throughout each year there will be Prizes and Bonuses created to help maintain appreciation of our Footnanny Consultants that dedicate their time to help others and reach sells goals.

If a question is in need of an answer, by all means email footnanny@footnanny.com and we will try and retum your answers during working hours or by the end of the evening.


Footnanny Consultants can contact Footnanny Corporate via email Footnanny@footnanny.com  or via Operator 888-698-4785.

We are here to help our Consultants with their questions and Wellness Journey.
Thank you for joining our Consultant Team and know that you are appreciated.



Gloria L. Williams

Footnanny, Inc.

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