The BEAST Foot File

  • $ 25.00

At Footnanny we call it the BEAST because it is just that!  If you have severe cracked Heels, Extremely Dry Feet, Peeling or Calloused feet.... try The BEAST!

It is made from Stainless Steel and will not rust.  This is a personal care item and should not be shared with others.  This item arrives with a blue plastic peel off cover.  Simply peel off the blue plastic and use the file immediately on DRY FEET.  This file is designed to remove extreme callous from heels and foot bottoms.  Use the coarse side first over bottoms of feet with back and forth motions.  Flip file over to the smoother softer side of the file and use the same back and forth movements over the same areas to smooth out callous.  

After the above process you can soak your feet in a foot basin or take a shower or take a bath.  This file can extremely smooth feet so CAREFULLY STEP into your bath or shower.  

*Be sure to apply your favorite Footnanny Foot Cream over bottoms of both feet and slide on a pair cotton socks for deeper moisturizing treatment.